Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TTE drag the resignation of Li Dongsheng TCL Robert Hu personally in command performance

It is close to the TCL Group (000100) sources, TCL, one of senior executive chairman Robert Hu, TTE has already submitted his resignation and will leave on June 30.

Robert Hu, who is also due to senior vice president of TCL Group, multiple positions, the resignation has yet to be approved by the Board. However, Li Dongsheng has now fully taken over TTE (TCL Thomson) and directly related to business management. TCL Brand Center spokesman Robert Hu Guo Wei said the separation was mainly "personal reasons" and not for reasons of health.

TTE drag Group Results

It is understood, TTE is Li Dongsheng the important international platform strategy, is its most important business. TTE established, Li Dongsheng, said in a profit within two years to TTE. However, since its inception in 2004 has fallen into place for integration is not huge loss, and the TCL Group, dragged into a quagmire.

In addition, the reporter was informed, and Robert Hu will also have to leave at the same time executive vice president of TCL Group, Yuan Xincheng, Senior Vice President Lv Zhongli, which are then, together with Li Dongsheng entrepreneurial veteran, then they will "retire" in the name of the external announced his resignation.

TCL Annual Report 2005 indicate that loss of 310 million yuan and Hong Kong listed company has more than 10 billion loss. TTE and its loss was mainly from the European business and T & A and TCL Mobile, which accounted for half of the TCL European business losses.

In fact, before the establishment of TTE has been proposed to Li Dongsheng, CEO Robert Hu, TTE as a post, but eventually got cold feet about substitutions. Li Dongsheng of the TTE for the current CEO Zhao Zhongyao performance dissatisfaction, Robert Hu, firing line since last October as the post of executive chairman of TTE, the current within six months.

Li Dongsheng hand surgeon battle

Days with the investment industry analyst Liu Jin believes that Robert Hu has extensive experience in the industry for a consolidation is in the TTE international companies, many factors determine the short-term losses are not realized, for six months do not seem to show Robert Hu's ability to out.

TCL Group prior to the first half of this year may still be a loss, earnings are hopes this year.

For this class, Robert Hu, already seems to expect. According to insiders, Robert Hu, once when he assumed office in non-publicly clear that "I can not change the status quo." The source said, TCL Group's business situation than ever before, coupled with international talent to support too little, TCL has been unable to find suitable candidates within the group, Mr. Li had to battle personal surgeon. "And the group planning the future there will be further adjusted."

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