Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thief 3 of original experiences

Waited more than three weeks until the latest in a preferred game, when I saw the name of EIDOS have a sense of foreboding, because the killer to tell the truth 3 let me down, especially where the action is often floating immobile , Thief 3, the whole picture quite good, innovative ideas, which water arrows extinguish the torch very creative, but it is unsatisfactory in some areas,

First, if it is inconvenient to use the sword fighting, although the game is a dive, can, after all, a Grand Theft Auto, martial arts can not be too bad, silly action raised sword Lai Kan

Second, the task is unknown, I hit the second hurdle and soon took the three tasks are completed, as have marked the hook, but not the end, ran out the gates are not, and no training related tasks in So the task of escape, no way to town chaos pocket, do not know what treasures picked up, but also showed COMPLETE OBJECTIVE, Kuangyun

Third, the enemy AI is low, or even stuck in the door get out of the situation

These are my personal views and do not know how to play like you are welcome to correct me

Oh yes .. one attack action

Computer is very stupid ........ and cell. MGS2 computer AI than fully one day at a time!

I water shot computer, what did not. And you stick in the unconscious behind a computer, he did not wake up half a day, has been stunning!

But his shooting is still relatively new to this attack.

There are little tips, if you have been in the archery bow when the state, then suddenly back closer perspective.

Back to facilitate such a standard. Injective raise far the best things a little fire. This is not always the gun ....

To narrow the press "Z" on it, do not wait for it to automatically narrow the gap between ... ...

On close combat, it is stupid, swords and sticks like almost lethal, if not the enemy did not find, you can never face to face with these two weapons in the case of the blood does not hurt to kill him ~ at least I was In this way, I do not know how others ~ ~ ~

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