Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beijing, Nanjing Software Expo increasingly marginalized by the recovery mode bar

Third China (Nanjing) Software Industry Fair, 98 BPC successful negotiation, signing a total of 69 major projects, total investment of 8.77 billion yuan, of which 820 million U.S. dollars of foreign capital.

Compared with the previous, the number of major projects signed up 43.75%, 51.85% of total investment growth.

Xu Huiling, Vice Mayor of Nanjing, 3, said at a news conference, the success of these major projects signed in enhancing the development of Nanjing, the combined effect of the software industry, software industry to improve the value chain in Nanjing level, to further promote the rapid development of software industry in Nanjing , will play an active role.

In the 69 major projects, software companies set up R & D center in Nanjing, and the branch projects accounted for the vast majority, a total of 55. Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group, as investment in the construction of Nanjing in Nanjing Software Base, plans to gather 30,000 5 years software engineer; CDC Software's investment in 22 million U.S. dollars in Nanjing to set up its largest R & D center.

In addition, many companies have expressed desire to invest. The first participants of the Hewlett-Packard said it will build R & D center in Nanjing; million in Nanjing, China will build a database backup center.

Third Soft Expo in 1 to 3 September was held in Nanjing from 30 countries and regions attended the exhibition of 324 companies.

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