Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Levels adjustment channel to marry

Levels adjustment channel to marry

Channel Why marry in levels? Here, of course, is the male side only female appearance. After marrying Levels channel immediately become more resourceful, a bit like Little Miss Pong on the wealthy, the immediately became a Rich Wives.

Now, I give some simple applications, is also commonly used applications, want to help beginners. Are you a hand? Quickly quit, I would like to ask you.

Rounded Application

1) First of all, painted white in the channel region, as how you painted, fake ghost catchers are OK, but you have no direct ability to draw rounded corners. As shown below:

2) those who now want to become smooth edge angular corner bar, in good order before, please let it supporting role: fuzzy filter to prepare, fuzzy number the greater the angle the more round.鏈緥涓敤鏁板?9锛岃繖涔熸槸鏅亶鐢ㄦ硶锛?br />

3) following a grand welcome Levels comrades, applause. Levels of performance is usually as below, this is a fixed type, that is, as far as possible to the middle of the three cursor by:

4) is not worried about the results of the? In fact, you can look at the results of tone, the result certainly does not disappoint:


First of all, to see what emergence of constituencies in the channel's performance is how. As shown below, is a rectangular box, emergence is 2, in channel performance:

Only need to Ctrl + L, adjusted outstanding order comrades, the cursor will be left to the right as far as possible drag on the line, as shown:

Result it is not black and white: the

A simple application example for it, even this example is far-fetched to imagine, please play it

1) are as follows left, is the original image, to remove the background, replaced by white. The right is to select background color, save the constituency into the channel, the channel shows the results.

2) amplification to observe the channel N times, you will find it is not black and white, many the transition of gray.

3) It does not matter, according to the old ways, adjusting outstanding order, the doom of the left to right drag the cursor.

4) The result? See next map:

5) This is the background to remove the effect.

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