Saturday, October 23, 2010

Unless pulling power! Lock refused to shut down during the

As a family office, in the process of using machines, often will be interrupted by routine work, to temporarily leave the office for circulation to document and so on, for convenience, and confidentiality requirements, often do not turn off the computer, but click on the " Windows + L "to lock the computer so that others can not access the system the current work situation pry into individuals. Come back, just type login password, you can then have just the job. This easy to operate while the computer to prevent others from tamper.

However, there is a page in the lock, "turn off your computer", while others can not tamper with the machine, but it can be shut down, if you encounter a good thing for people click "shut down the computer," then, the preliminary work it may be paid flows east of the. Therefore, it is necessary to "turn off the computer," plus a lock.

Click "Start 鈫?Run" in the Run dialog box that pops up, type "GPEDIT.MSC", carriage return after the open Group Policy Editor. Expand the following branch of the "Computer Configuration 鈫?Windows Settings 鈫?Security Settings 鈫?Local Policies 鈫?Security Options" in the right pane, find "Shutdown: Allow shutdown without landing before" option, double-click in the pop-up to the property its properties dialog is set to "Disabled", click "OK" button and close the Group Policy editor.

Now, then click the "Windows + L" lock the computer to see, the lower left corner of the "off computer" button is not already disappeared without a trace (pictured), the above is to set the lock before the computer interface settings below lock the computer interface.

Figure revised results


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